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Video Enhancer allows you to increase resolution of your video with unbelievable quality (you can
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29 January 2014

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Video making is not restricted to professionals these days, with the technological advanced video enabled mobile phones, and it has gained widespread popularity. Typically professional photographers need to spend lot of time to edit the videos shot due to the disturbing and unsolicited elements included in the videos which leads to considerable waste of time and energy. Now for amateurs editing videos with professional tools is out of question and this where software applications like Video Enhancer 1.9.2 comes to rescue. The application can prove to be quite useful in boosting the footage quality and sound effects alike, with the assistance of its easy to use feature set and overall sophisticated process.

The Video Enhancer 1.9.2 has a simple yet elegant user interface, which sports two major options for editing the video for improvising on the quality and speed, with instructions placed at the bottom to start the formatting and editing by the user. The procedure to alter the video is quite simple, with the browsing feature available at the top for importing the specific video to edit. The user needs to mention the size of the file, and subsequently start the amendment process. Video Enhancer 1.9.2 helps the user to edit the videos with fine quality, which includes a host of tools like deinterlacing, along with de-noising, deshaking besides color correction and sharpening the quality. Furthermore, it enables the user to upscale the video images and brighten up the overall appearance of the footage. Once, the editing process is over, the user can reduce the file size by compressing it into their desired format.

We could see from the above stated features and advantages that Video Enhancer 1.9.2 is that one application whose multifaceted application can be tremendously useful for professionals and hence, it deserves a rating score of four. The application is also likely to find many takers amongst amateur video enthusiasts who are always to looking to improve their video captures.

Publisher's description

Video Enhancer allows you to
1) Increase resolution of your video with Video Super Resolution technique which delivers unbelievable quality by using information from previous frames, while all the other resize methods use information from one current frame. Now you can convert your SD video to HD!
2) Use hundreds of VirtualDub video filters allowing you to do everything you want with your video : deinterlacing, denoising, deshaking, color correction, sharpening, visual effects etc.
Video Enhancer is a lot faster than VirtualDub because all filters and codecs work simultaneously in separate threads.
3) Open any video which can be played on your system and re-compress it with any video codec (DirectShow, DMO and Video for Windows) installed in your system.
Video Enhancer
Video Enhancer
Version 1.9.9
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